Web mirror of shithub.us - index

Name Last change
9p.zone/infra add private network and ssh keys for vultr
9p.zone/web adds new notes about EXTRA auth
alex/8080 initial commit
alex/exif initial commit
alex/img initial commit
alex/mtk initial commit
alex/powerware initial commit
alex/sitara initial commit
bebebeko/9p.zone add private network and ssh keys for vultr
cinap_lenrek/stashfs init
covertusername/rd add ssh-style thumbprint error message (thanks izaki)
ethandl/nime Added supporting documentation for the halfway deadline/evaluation.
foura/binrc add rd: similar to redact, but rewrites /dev/text.
foura/libacme minor manpage oops
foura/midifs add license and readme
foura/netaudio udp in example. probably what you want streaming audio
foura/tablet-utils add tilt script
foura/wired bring in line with libacme changes to event handling
fulton/9scripts added a samterm theme
fulton/emailconfig mail fix
fulton/namespace-example added usage
fulton/privategrid updated readme
henesy/fuzz .hgignore → .gitignore
henesy/limbobyexample add lists example
henesy/purgatorio acme, plumb: correct plumbing to acme with line numbers (thanks joe7)
igor/hugo Merge pull request #1 from 1g0rb0hm/hotfix/enable-plan9-build
julienxx/castor9 Add plumber rule in README (thanks fulton)
julienxx/finge.rc Add LICENSE
julienxx/toe Formatting
kemal/chacha chacha: style
kemal/ircs ircs(1): freenode dead
kvik/bin.rc sio: simplify
kvik/clone Fix directory read serialization bottleneck
kvik/docs.9front.org 9p-on-unix: add section about 9pfs+tlsclient (thanks foura)
kvik/ham samterm: bump minimum window size, fixes a crash (thanks qwx)
kvik/lu9 mkfile: clean up target binaries
kvik/lu9-lpeg LICENSE: add it
kvik/lu9-lua shim: correct the size of status message buffer
kvik/lu9-p9 extra: LuaFileSystem emulation API
kvik/mousetrap README -> README.md; add LICENSE
kvik/mq pin(1): don't end in empty section
kvik/plumbreport Get rid of ornamentation
kvik/post manpage: add detached rc shell example
kvik/rngfs Fix Qreal range setting
kvik/tcp80 Add support for additional content types
kvik/treepack Add cleaned up ucl.h to the notes section
kvik/ugh mksitemap: add sitemap generator
kvik/union init
kvik/unionfs Fix relative branch paths
kvik/watch Add the -1 flag for running once and exiting
kvik/x path: exit with error if outside /x/something path
moody/atom Add README
moody/libdp9ik Add README
moody/mpl Archive and point to zuke
moody/rc-gemd path name should be cleaned, prevents $fs_root escape
moody/tlsclient enable posting to remote /srv through -s
ori/9bench initial commit
ori/Nail sync with upas mail
ori/aclient renamed, update manpages
ori/git9 all: sync with 9front
ori/hg-archive add install script
ori/libdraw.myr import from hg
ori/regress recurse in mk clean
ori/shithub viewraw: missed a /mnt/git
ph/misc add profile
ph/opossum Untangle Arrange(..)
phil9/gopher Bookmarks support
phil9/lua9 Updated README to highlight that more libraries are supported than libdraw.
phil9/rrss handle entry changes
phil9/shithub fix pages title
phil9/svg fix scaling and error handling
phil9/vcrop restore previous image position on undo
phil9/vdiff add right-click to plumb to line location
phil9/vdir fix click and scrollbar behaviour (thanks $REDACTED)
phil9/vshot close mouse and keyboard control (thx sigrid)
pmikkelsen/apl Implement fold / for vectors and scalars
pmikkelsen/gitonline Try to adapt to the new mountpoint of git/fs
pmikkelsen/neinchat Remove one more global variable
pmikkelsen/pprolog remove clausenr from terms, and put it into goals instead. Next up is implementing the control constructs in C, since they misbehave right now due to the new changes
qbit/gover dep update
qwx/3d 3d07: same but using a limited view pasted on the fb
qwx/alienpatch update opus-tools patches for latest changes
qwx/asif move awk scripts to their own directory
qwx/city properly properly initialize mouse state
qwx/dmap initial import
qwx/dporg fs: correct npal value
qwx/fplay properly initialize mouse state
qwx/misc properly initialize mouse state
qwx/mkey fix note labels, midi range is c-1 to g9, not c0 to g10
qwx/mst rename mst → vmst
qwx/notes update notes: proj, qk[12], igfx, sce
qwx/omidi initial import
qwx/opl2 graceful exit after pcmconv is done
qwx/patch doom-limits: raise heap size, raise drawing limits further
qwx/pcx initial import
qwx/peu remove imported programs
qwx/pico image name bug fixes
qwx/pplay properly initialize mouse state
qwx/qk1 snd: fix playback from physical cd's and put it in its own proc
qwx/qk2 add build.rc: build baseq2 and all mods
qwx/qk3 mkfile: system-wide install
qwx/rc add lstk: slightly modified acid lstk script from ori
qwx/sce sim: check for invalid resource amounts
qwx/sm2 add sm2cin: subrio for chinese sm2 session
qwx/tbs properly initialize mouse state
qwx/u6m initial import
qwx/weu initial import
qwx/wl3d mkfile: system-wide install
royniang/etc Ditched codeberg for shithub.
royniang/koikoi Content update.
royniang/ktrans Ctrl-o replaces Ctrl-g for greek transliteration.
royniang/lib New useless scripts.
royniang/swmyfdt New theme: crm.
rvs/tinyemu Init
shepard/dormer fixing last commit
shepard/test "init"
shepard/tree init
sigrid/9pro 9gc: disable batching of T-messages (make it work with unionfs)
sigrid/aacdec forbid extra arguments
sigrid/aacenc a bit more general version of PES writer
sigrid/atlas update a link
sigrid/bar mkfile: clean up
sigrid/bench9 change read/write sizes
sigrid/c9 make it build on Plan 9 as well (with -D__plan9__)
sigrid/cflood add -b to run in black and white mode
sigrid/dav1d add top mkfile
sigrid/dumb moddec: do not play anything if seeking past the end
sigrid/ext4srv fix root permissions on wstat
sigrid/faad2 aacdec, m4adec: ignore -s argument
sigrid/femtolisp effective_numerictype: same issue here
sigrid/flite fix zero bytes write causing pcmconv to assume EOF
sigrid/fontsel fix stack overflow; close file when not needed; fix alternative text file reading
sigrid/ft2-clone pack pal16_t (otherwise crashes on Plan 9)
sigrid/ft2play use actual frq when seeking
sigrid/gemnine dump raw to stdout if not /dev/cons
sigrid/h264bsd report more errors; give up on non-baseline profile immediately
sigrid/hj264 builtins/amd64: sync clz, use MOVL in bswap32
sigrid/hx fix -s causing endless loop on eof
sigrid/imgtools resample: optional file path
sigrid/itdec just print the song name without doing any stupid crap
sigrid/jacksense add debugging, error traces; increase volume switch delay a bit
sigrid/jbig2 remove header injection: pdffs does that now
sigrid/jp2 readme: mention cmyk
sigrid/libsamplerate pragma incomplete on SRC_STATE
sigrid/libtags mod: simplify a bit
sigrid/libvpx mkfile: comment out unused stuff for now
sigrid/lwext4 ext4_mount: mark as mounted at the end, there might still be errors before
sigrid/mcfs remove unused var
sigrid/microui mu_draw_rect: set draw position when clipping, fixes images not clipped correctly
sigrid/minivmac add keys to the readme
sigrid/mkfaces add license
sigrid/mp3dec remove unused var
sigrid/neindaw fix a warning on 386
sigrid/npe GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: not wip anymore
sigrid/nvi print a usage error if no options were specified
sigrid/openh264 add top mkfile, build per arch
sigrid/orca do not send empty empty commands (udp)
sigrid/pdffs ascii85: support z, validate each character, do NOT change the input buffer
sigrid/picker use "enter" key to enter color hex values
sigrid/pitch fprint → werrstr
sigrid/riow no hg anymore, update the patching/install mechanism
sigrid/snippets builtins: these instruction are available in 6a (thanks kemal)
sigrid/soundpipe more #pragma incomplete
sigrid/tocursor Revert "turn "dark enough" to black and vice versa"
sigrid/treason readme: mention FLAC
sigrid/xmpp use %q for server and user
sigrid/zuke a history? are you kidding me...
sirjofri/fingerd adds namespace.finger support (untested)
sirjofri/news2atom adds git2news and readme
smj/bootcamp adding tea note 4
tevo/cc65-plan9 libsrc WIP mkfiles
tevo/cuefs It does now
tevo/diskcheck Initial commit
tevo/doll Fixes, should work now
tevo/pointless verbose
tevo/prismriver WIP
tevo/waffle Exec command, code cleanup
tevo/widget Grid WIP
zgasma/desereter Added futhorc support
zgasma/martian9 brought mkfile up to date