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- Experimentally support for multi-thread decoding(default disabled,and may result in random problems if enabled)
- Assembly optimization for loongson platform
- Update meson version to 5
- Some minor bug fixes

- B-frame decoding support for Main and High Profile with two test cases
- Add support for loongson( platform
- Add clang support for arm/arm64/x86 for NDK version over 17
- Enable stack protector
- Add some test cases
- Avoid using C++/CX code for threads for Windows Phone/Windows Store/UWP
- Remove extra visual studio projects for the decoder
- Remove check for working compiler in NDK
- Bug fixes

- Add meson build for Linux/Windows platform
- Disable background detection for screen route
- Add a workaround for Visual Studio 2013 C++ x64 compiler bug on AVX2. That bug will cause crash and has been fixed in Visual Studio 2014
- Change the default profile from baseline to high if user does not set it and CABAC is specified
- Skip frames that are marked as IDR due to scene change and simultaneously marked as skip frame to reduce bit rate
- Refine threshold calculation algorithms for rate control in lower frame rate to get better effect
- Encoder return with a specific return value instead of uninitialize encoder when input resolution is invalid
- Refine strategy on level change to avoid frequent IDR. Encoder will not be reset if level is changed to a smaller one
- Support to set the min and max QP values on screen content mode
- Fix a memory issue that may cause encoder crash when temporal layer change
- Corrected some statistics information
- Refine error concealment algorithms to improve user experience
- Support to get information about current output picture is reference picture or not on decoder side
- Bug fix for decoder when 8x8 prediction mode is enabled on the input bitstream
- Enable NEON for ChromeOS devices
- Support for Fuchsia operating systerm
- Support for building arm64 with MSVC
- Remove some warnings when building with MSVC
- Fix clang compiler error when building arm assembly funtions
- Bug fixes for unit test

- Changed SPS/PPS strategy option name,See enum ENCODER_OPTION
- Changed NAL size length parameter from static array to pointer to support more NALs.See struct SParserBsInfo
- Changed semaphores to condition variables on apple platform
- Changed version update mechanism as Major.Minor.patch,like 1.7.0
- Supported to force IDR independently for each layer in simulcast AVC case.See API ForceIntraFrame()
- Supported LTR request independently for each layer in simulcast AVC case.See struct SLTRRecoverRequest and SLTRMarkingFeedback
- Supported to set sample aspect ratio in VUI on encoder side. See struct SSpatialLayerConfig
- Supported to set profile and level, changed the default level as 4.1 if the user doesn’t set it. See enum ELevelIdc
- Supported to get profile and level info on decoder side.See enum DECODER_OPTION
- Supported for enable/disable AVX2 build option. Build option: HAVE_AVX2
- Supported to set decoder statistics log interval, Add DECODER_OPTION_STATISTICS_LOG_INTERVAL.See DECODER_OPTION.
- Supported for AU delimiter NAL on decoder side. AU delimiter refers to section
- Supported for x86 PIC assembly and build option. Build option: ENABLEPIC. git issues:#2263 #2534
- Supported for Cygwin x86_64 build
- Supported to get sample aspect ratio by GetOption on decoder. Add option: DECODER_OPTION_GET_SAR_INFO
- Set constraint_set4_flag constraint_set5_flag to align to CHP definition in latest H264 standard
- Improved VUI support on decoder side
- Improved decoder statistics info output
- Refined the return value when failed in memory allocation
- Added SSSE3 motion compensation routines
- Added AVX2 motion compensation routines
- Optimization on some of SSE2/MMX functions
- Refactor rate control for RC_BUFFERBASED_MODE and RC_QUALITY_MODE mode
- Added more unit tests for random resolution input,slice mode switch,profile/level setting
- Refined logs
- Bug fixes for 4:0:0 format support on decoder
- Bug fixes for complexity calculation for screen content mode
- Bug fixes for loadbalancing turn on, git issue:#2618
- Bug fixes for parser subsps, scalling list, parser longer bitstream

- Adjusted the encoder API structures
- Removed the unused data format in decoder API
- Encoder support of simulcast AVC
- Added support of video signal type present information
- Added support of encoder load-balancing
- Improved encoder multi-threads, rate control and down-sampling
- Fixed the frame size constraint in encoder
- Bug fixes for rate control, multi-threading, simulcasting in encoder
- Bug fixes for interface call, return value check, memory leak in decoder
- Bug fixes for UT and statistic information
- Bug fixes for assembly code
- Remove the unused and redundant code
- Improvements on UT, memory allocation failed protection, error-protection in decoder, input parameters checking in encoder, assembly for AVX2 support, assembly code performance, logging and documentation
- Correct some typos in source code and documents

- Bug fixes for GMP Plugin

- Fix GMP Plugin causing the Browser crash on Android

- Bug fixes for GMP Plugin

- Correct a typo in codec return value (github issue#2046, cmUnkonwReason -> cmUnknownReason)
- Added Codec demo and auto build script for WP8
- Decoder support of 'Constrained High Profile' of H.264
- Encoder support of CABAC of H.264
- Encoder support of input frame rate 60
- Improved syntax of gaps_in_frame_num_value_allowed_flag in encoder
- Improved memory usage for multi-threading in encoder
- Added VUI info for base layer in encoder
- Added encoder interface to get external setting of iMaxQp and iMinQp for rate control
- Bug fixes for Rate Control, multi-threading and simulcasting in encoder
- Bug fixes for NoDelay API, ParseOnly functions, error-concealment off functiond and error-detection in decoder
- Bug fixes for UT
- Fixes to avoid valgrind warnings, potential crash and calculation overflow
- Merged files for decoder/encoder and remove unused files
- Improvements on build scripts, UT, error-protection in decoder, input param checking in encoder, assembly for 64bit support, downsampling, logging and documentation

'Constrained High Profile' = 'Constrained Baseline Profile' plus:
- Intra 8x8 mode support
- 8x8 transform
- QP scaling matrices
- QP per chroma component
- Mono 4:0:0 (experimental)
- Weighted prediction

- Decoder new interface of DecodeFrameNoDelay
- Added new encoder and decoder statistics
- Added option for generating pdb in windows builds
- Added new rate control mode (RC_TIMESTAMP_MODE) for inconstant frame rate input
- Added new Sps/Pps strategies for real-time video
— Added support for simulcast avc
- Improvements in code structure, assembly, input parameter checking, logging, UT and comments
- In gmp-openh264, return decoder error correctly and other fixes
- Decoder bug fixes when for Error Concealment disabled
- Bug fixes for ParseOnly functions
- Bug fixes for encoding large frame size (>32767MBs)
- Fixes to avoid valgrind warnings, potential crash and calculation overflow

- Fixed and enhanced protection to avoid crash when reading lossy bitstreams
- Adjust the default mode of Error Concealment used by gmp-openh264

- Removed manual API document, now using wiki: (0af48e5 for v1.3.0)
- Added API version in API header files
- Added pkg-config file
- Added decoder support of parsing only (bParseOnly) for only parsing bit stream but not decoding
- Added timestamp and max nal size in gmp-openh264.cpp when calling encoding
- Added timestamp info in decoder input and return structure
- Added support of level 9 in decoder
- Added total length of the encoded frame in encoder return structure
- Added SetOption(ENCODER_OPTION_SVC_ENCODE_PARAM_BASE,&base) for encoder
- Set constraint set 0 and 1 flags for non-scalable
- Improved error concealment algorithms and provide more modes of error-concealment
- Improved rate control algorithms and reference selection algorithms for screen content encoding 
- Added encoder and decoder statistics interface
- Improved input parameter checking and logging
- Bug fixes, warning reductions, and test improvements

- Add and modify encoder APIs related to rate control and screen content encoding
- Remove PauseFrame in encoder APIs
- Improve rate control and compression ratio for screen content encoding
- Improve error concealment algorithm
- Improve validation of input parameters
- Add ARM64 assembly
- bug fixes

- Modify some APIs (see API doc for detail)
- Improve the compression ratio of screen content encoding
- ARM64 assembly support for most of core functions in encoder & decoder
- Modify error concealment logic to always return decoding error info until IDR picture comes
- fix some bugs

These binary releases are distributed under this license: