# jacksense

A small program to track whether headphones are connected to jack or
not, and switch between speaker and headphones output accordingly.

It tries to remember the last volume.  There are arguments to pass
"safe" volumes for both speaker and headphones.

Prerequisites: 9front, Intel HDA.
Last 5 commits (shortlog)
Date Author Short message Commit hash
2021-03-03 Sigrid add debugging, error traces; increase volume switch delay a bit 4ec0a1a2712acc48ba2f52dfa760aa25bcb07c85
2020-11-18 Sigrid shorter mkfile d462b97a6a22c8de1f8aa9f4c143ae30f2961e9a
2020-11-17 Sigrid turn volume to 0 and set new one a bit later a1708de20b7a6cf3bba3b260770ac5559519fcd4
2020-11-17 Sigrid close that Biobuf e01279338dcc326300653ef97ec3f0988952c0b8
2020-11-17 Sigrid check a few times before trusting the sense eed67adf642ff342fc341eee1b7fdf4d4b54c5d6
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