# fontsel

Simple font selector for Plan 9.


It scans `/lib/font/bit`, `/lib/font/ttf`, and shows the user a text.
User selects a font directory using middle mouse button and a specific
font in that directory with the right mouse button.

When the user decides to quit, using either `q` or `del`, program
prints out the full path to the last font selected, so that it's
possible to use it as follows:

font=`{fontsel} sam ....

`-` and `+` cycle through fonts of a specific font dir, or change the
size of the font if it's a TTF one.

Displayed text can be loaded from a file: `fontsel FILE`, where `FILE`
can be `-` to read from stdin.
Last 5 commits (shortlog)
Date Author Short message Commit hash
2020-08-05 Sigrid fix stack overflow; close file when not needed; fix alternative text file reading d12d18424997ed37819ef3832b25c25094e6ff1d
2020-05-29 Sigrid add custom text loading 3f4f25323d5c8a10d595c8c9dc483479fe42d61f
2020-05-29 Sigrid don't fail if a fontdir is not available e8191594a857420fec9ea9585b3d4822a2dc4676
2020-04-20 Sigrid update readme 1648e4b043fa2f2e2ab0f0baeb6492b3acc58922
2020-04-15 Sigrid add support for truetypefs 79031edf486e44972249b1219357a591f5313ed4
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