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Date Author Short message Commit hash
2021-01-11 Tevo Manpage stub ec1b85c429d3fb56bb9fe1cd22309b38a6849e2b
2021-01-11 Tevo Root menus b57b54c2d8223debedae9844098b89c6b5475637
2021-01-11 Tevo Box is (hopefully) not a piece of shit anymore 1d84452255fa2d3c41ac2596f39d61d7e3b27b12
2021-01-10 Tevo Simple box ec1aec49349dab76af4e3063eb11e8a030c87de0
2021-01-10 Tevo Button relese message, stupid fixes, redrawwctl 86177eda0338c6773955897d9b5105fe89c980a0
2021-01-10 Tevo Unhandled mouse/keyboard forwarding and default initialization b9f2b8c6a28c2d4744119c7254767a0f1b51ed2e
2021-01-10 Tevo Basic prototype, text label, button 5409ad54228242e20aed847acba4d10582b1191c