Last 5 commits (shortlog)
Date Author Short message Commit hash
2021-12-04 sirjofri fixes single-word messages, removes unused code 1636bc55b3a2c7c3c8ac33a35df4161e113b916f
2021-12-04 sirjofri new version, thanks grobe0ba! 7a65588484b6e122431b8c894def0abcf2b979f3
2021-11-24 sirjofri improvements and fixes 5d361d64d599b0d4d87f990e3e2a1b806d1bbb37
2021-11-22 sirjofri moves JOIN message parsing 034adcbd92e08fa1a2023bf3c0fbe9612f99d6ea
2021-11-22 sirjofri new version, now standalone, without helper mq and stuff like that, and much more awk (less processes spawned) f2de920e69450e9588c543b7d188a257f1d90f62
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