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Date Author Short message Commit hash
2021-01-21 qwx move awk scripts to their own directory f8a9a3fbf021dbc5f2aae0256bc1ab468b747438
2020-10-23 qwx add single file double precision fft for complex and real samples 3e54fa29f02e02e505e8df4b88306703adca0ed4
2020-10-23 qwx add bitwise round up to next power of 2 8b2dd20c6c68f54047b748c84a2444c1125e36c6
2020-08-23 qwx bit: add find first and last set bit b79711a757fe2247128e0524c6ae6da0c23f616a
2020-08-23 qwx mod: add modular exponentiation 24dbfac32a648a83f92494177e86d5548aaa08e9
2020-08-23 qwx strnaive: fix another stupid mistake e90778a08505be8daa9402a4dd2c247db67c59a0
2020-08-23 qwx add rabin-karp string search, including optimized variant c740374d0d6fa4da5768457edb804f073f506f9e
2020-08-23 qwx kmp: fix used before set 43e22aa2ae51c403fdead4112e4afe184ef6d12e
2020-08-23 qwx kmp: add morris-pratt search 44dfc2ed7f45a337358e8b113aa408a7cc2975a7
2020-08-17 qwx declare kmpstrfind and silly statics 049ac5456df23da6d3b6d22d1c7bedc99d820c94
2020-08-16 qwx add kmp exact string search 095fdd12f103a99f1b5f247d9598c50e434c0478
2020-08-16 qwx fix idiot mistakes preventing compilation and notation in string comparison dcb14ae7ca299a2df34aea904c2dd1e6c43fb59b
2020-08-15 qwx more silly reshuffles 1ef2d33d7af26144ea8109e1017b745b98f49846
2020-08-15 qwx add naive exact string match, resizable vectors and restructure f8978196906ee7a57ebedf6c5a7d09ae1bba89a6
2020-08-12 qwx add simple (and broken) descriptive statistics in awk 2850b592998277aef88f3e6769063b741d850d58
2020-08-12 qwx add sorting algorithms in awk from tapl d13e97eec68079ee7efabb2714427276dcd9ea6f
2020-08-12 qwx add typical awk approach to binary data output bef4f6bd8b652b434f708d287f4ed850e37b0345
2020-08-11 qwx add pairing heaps 6c9eb7f74993179a823f4e1c02793786d51bf773