# chacha

Replacement for `auth/aescbc`. Can be used to encrypt files.
It uses scrypt to stretch the password, so it can be used as a key.
It uses the ChaCha20 cipher to encrypt the files.
It uses the Poly1305 MAC to authenticate the encryption.
Might write a Go version. 

## File format

CHACHA20 POLY1305  1\n
(everythings raw after this point, no newlines, no hex or base64)
16 byte salt for scrypt
8 byte iv
repeat {
	16 byte tag
	encrypted data (max 8192 bytes)
Last 5 commits (shortlog)
Date Author Short message Commit hash
2021-05-19 kemal chacha: style 6d61f0e04a3338c0b6d00df46aff0d78924cc0ef
2021-05-19 kemal chacha: like very very tiny 2b0a6c0019e4f7a82187688d8e723e2c37eed779
2021-05-19 kemal chacha: very tiny style changes f01207292acbdb107f8c84d0ea512a072933d052
2021-05-13 kemal chacha: fix the header length db4a84b6bce874a9bb4097c9e4c6a3ef39ad581a
2021-05-13 kemal chacha: reduce IV size to 64 bits 37df105e23bf3cca276a10ba8bde086554abbe87
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