Web mirror of shithub.us - index

Name Last change
9p.zone/infra add private network and ssh keys for vultr
9p.zone/web adds about and registry page.
alex/8080 initial commit
alex/exif initial commit
alex/img initial commit
alex/mtk initial commit
alex/powerware initial commit
alex/sitara initial commit
bebebeko/9p.zone add private network and ssh keys for vultr
covertusername/rd make it build under 9front (thanks LordCreepity)
ejh/gophercises add README
ejh/repo2 test
ejh/reponame messag here
ejh/sbgs initial commit
ejh/website first commit
foura/netaudio udp in example. probably what you want streaming audio
foura/tablet-utils add tilt script
fulton/emailconfig mail fix
fulton/namespace-example added usage
fulton/privategrid updated readme
fulton/rc-scripts added a samterm theme
julienxx/castor9 Remove url->raw and use fmt, remove undescores from names
julienxx/finge.rc Add LICENSE
julienxx/toe Formatting
kvik/bin.rc sio: simplify
kvik/clone Fix directory read serialization bottleneck
kvik/docs.9front.org rc-httpd-werc: new docs (thanks tevo)
kvik/ham Missed a file in last commit (tnx moody)
kvik/lua9 build: use nicer object archive name
kvik/lua9-lpeg build: use nicer object archive name
kvik/lua9-lua build: use nicer object archive name
kvik/lua9-shim build: use nicer object archive name
kvik/mousetrap README -> README.md; add LICENSE
kvik/mq mq: limit root directory permission
kvik/plumbreport Get rid of ornamentation
kvik/post manpage: add detached rc shell example
kvik/rngfs Fix Qreal range setting
kvik/tcp80 Add support for additional content types
kvik/treepack Add cleaned up ucl.h to the notes section
kvik/ugh mksitemap: add sitemap generator
kvik/union init
kvik/unionfs mkfile: install to /$objtype/bin
kvik/watch Add the -1 flag for running once and exiting
kvik/x path: exit with error if outside /x/something path
moody/atom Add README
moody/libdp9ik Add README
moody/mpl Add very limited ID3v2 support
moody/rc-gemd Add option to display folders as pages of links
moody/tlsclient Remove unneeded l flag for printf in 9cpu
ori/9bench initial commit
ori/Nail fix infinite deletion loop
ori/git9 packs: ...saving before commmitting helps.
ori/libdraw.myr import from hg
ori/regress make test.rc less verbose
ori/shithub guide: add section on use from unix
ph/opossum updated cursor
phil9/gopher Bookmarks support
phil9/lua9 Updated README to highlight that more libraries are supported than libdraw.
phil9/rrss handle entry changes
phil9/shithub fix pages title
phil9/vcrop restore previous image position on undo
phil9/vdiff add right-click to plumb to line location
phil9/vdir Handle relative paths properly
phil9/vshot close mouse and keyboard control (thx sigrid)
pmikkelsen/apl Refactor a bit
pmikkelsen/gitonline Show readme as code
pmikkelsen/neinchat Remove one more global variable
pmikkelsen/pprolog Update meta-predicate note
qwx/3d 3d05: floating point coords, fixes jerkiness
qwx/alienpatch update opus-tools patches for latest changes
qwx/asif move awk scripts to their own directory
qwx/city basic input and drawing
qwx/dmap initial import
qwx/fplay initial import
qwx/mkey fix note labels, midi range is c-1 to g9, not c0 to g10
qwx/mst rename mst → vmst
qwx/notes daily update, guitar notes
qwx/omidi initial import
qwx/opl2 initial import
qwx/patch mothra-col: update for latest
qwx/pcx initial import
qwx/peu remove imported programs
qwx/pico image name bug fixes
qwx/pplay redraw: most redrawing only involves reseting view offsets and blanking bg
qwx/qk1 increase local models name size for the insane amounts of brushes in BSP2
qwx/qk2 in: override of console key for swe keyboard (thanks sigrid)
qwx/qk3 botlib: more struct packing shenanigans
qwx/rc riostart: no longer need to reset kbmap (thanks sigrid)
qwx/sce drw: oops, revert useless change
qwx/sm2 add sm2cin: subrio for chinese sm2 session
qwx/tbs initial import
qwx/u6m initial import
qwx/weu initial import
qwx/wl3d fs: mountid not always positive
royniang/etc Ditched codeberg for shithub.
royniang/koikoi Content updtate.
royniang/ktrans Ctrl-o replaces Ctrl-g for greek transliteration.
royniang/lib minor fixes.
royniang/swmyfdt New theme: crm.
rvs/tinyemu Init
shepard/dormer fixing last commit
shepard/test "init"
shepard/tree init
sigrid/9pro 9pex: fix up modes, prepare to add writing support
sigrid/atlas update a link
sigrid/bar highlight clicked item
sigrid/bench9 change read/write sizes
sigrid/c9 make it build on Plan 9 as well (with -D__plan9__)
sigrid/cflood add -b to run in black and white mode
sigrid/dav1d add top mkfile
sigrid/ext4srv fix root permissions on wstat
sigrid/faad2 add top mkfile
sigrid/femtolisp effective_numerictype: same issue here
sigrid/fontsel fix stack overflow; close file when not needed; fix alternative text file reading
sigrid/ft2play use actual frq when seeking
sigrid/gemnine do not print url description if it is the same as the url itself
sigrid/h264bsd report more errors; give up on non-baseline profile immediately
sigrid/hx update install instructions
sigrid/imgtools iconv: add an optional filename argument
sigrid/itdec just print the song name without doing any stupid crap
sigrid/jacksense add debugging, error traces; increase volume switch delay a bit
sigrid/jbig2 plan 9 port
sigrid/jp2 readme: mention cmyk
sigrid/libsamplerate pragma incomplete on SRC_STATE
sigrid/libtags add a very simple XM parser
sigrid/libvpx mkfile: comment out unused stuff for now
sigrid/lwext4 whoops...
sigrid/mcfs check whether the file even exists
sigrid/microui update copyright years and name
sigrid/minivmac add keys to the readme
sigrid/mkfaces add license
sigrid/mp3dec tests: always print filenames
sigrid/neindaw fix a warning on 386
sigrid/openh264 add top mkfile, build per arch
sigrid/orca plan9: fix a warning on 386
sigrid/pdffs add * to list the keys of a dict
sigrid/picker use "enter" key to enter color hex values
sigrid/pitch fprint → werrstr
sigrid/riow curwindow: fix race condition
sigrid/snippets helpmeport: clean up the mess of OFILES
sigrid/tocursor Revert "turn "dark enough" to black and vice versa"
sigrid/treason print usage on unknown options
sigrid/xmpp use %q for server and user
sigrid/zuke do not get stuck (or crash) if a decoder program is absent
sirjofri/news2atom adds news2html (basically the same as news2atom, but prerendered)
tevo/cc65-plan9 libsrc WIP mkfiles
tevo/cuefs It does now
tevo/diskcheck Initial commit
tevo/doll Fixes, should work now
tevo/pointless verbose
tevo/prismriver WIP
tevo/waffle Exec command, code cleanup
tevo/widget Manpage stub
zgasma/desereter The first commit to shithub.
zgasma/martian9 brought mkfile up to date